Star Mag reporter resigns over non-existent relationship w/ Jon Gosselin



I’ll admit, I stopped following the Gosselin drama a couple of weeks ago. I find both Kate and Jon to be abhorrent people, and the whole drama with Jon and his latest girlfriend(s) was just sad and depressing. I just read CB’s summary from earlier today about this Star Magazine reporter, Kate Major, and her claims that she was “dating” Jon. As it turns out, Kate Major’s a liar, and now she’s unemployed. Star has a little one sentence update on their site saying this: “Star Senior reporter Kate Major resigned this morning, Thursday, July 23, citing a conflict of interest between her reporting duties for the magazine and her relationship with Jon Gosselin.” Except that Jon’s friends have run to Radar to claim that he’s “distraught” with the notion that he and Kate Major are dating, and that “she just wanted to put herself in the spotlight.” Dur. What did Jon think, that he just had young girls flinging themselves onto his John Hardy jock?

Jon Gosselin says he never had a romantic relationship with Star magazine reporter Kate Major and was tricked by her, sources closes to the situation told exclusively.

Major suddenly resigned from Starmagazine Thursday.

Major, 26, announced to the world Wednesday night that she was romantically involved with the 32-year-old Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad. She was at dinner with him last night with Michael Lohan and two couples and Major and Jon had been to dinner Saturday night in New York City.

Meanwhile sources close to the situation told that Jon is distraught over Major’s claims that they were romantically involved.

He told a close pal that despite her public proclamation, he never slept with her and never was romantically involved with her.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe she did this to me,” he told a source. “What do I do? She’s totally (bleeping) me over?”

In a statement released Wednesday night, Major said they were romantically involved. “I didn’t mean it to happen, it just did,” she said. “I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him.”

That statement caused the scandal to explode in national news coverage and, the source said, infuriated Jon. Major was unavailable for comment Thurdsday and her father said, “No comment. I don’t want to be involved in this whatsoever,” when a reporter asked him about his daughter’s relationship with Jon.

Jon said he went to dinner with Major on Saturday night because she wanted to get details for a story she was writing. But her announcement last night that they were romantically involved completely caught him off guard, the source told

“She just wanted to put herself in the spotlight,” the source said. Jon has been dating Hailey Glassman, 22, who said she had no knowledge of a romantic relationship between Jon and Major.

Major resigned suddenly on Thursday as the controversy over her alleged relationship with Jon grew. Her access to Jon seemed to put her into position to become the perfect Deep Throat for the magazine, on a story that has taken a reality TV family with mediocre ratings and turned them into one of the hottest subjects in the entertainment news world. Major did not say if she would continue working for Star in a freelance role.

[From Radar]

It’s so shocking to think that a Star reporter would have a fishy relationship with the truth! I’m clutching my pearls and dropping my monocle as I type! What the hell was going through Kate Major’s mind? That she was going to be the new Kate Gosselin? That she was going to be famous, just like Jon Gosselin is famous? Here’s a tip for all future “girlfriends” of Jon Gosselin: he’s only famous in the way huge, industrial, environmentally-catastrophic accidents are famous. Jon Gosselin is like Chernobyl. You don’t want to date Chernobyl.

UPDATE: Argh. I hate these people. Now Radar has another interview up, this time with Michael Lohan. He’s talking about how Jon and Kate Major slept over at his house, but Lohan plays coy about whether they slept in the same room. Then Michael says this: “Let me ask you a question: If she was using him why did she resign from the Star?” After reading the full text of a Michael Lohan interview, I feel like I need to take a damn shower. As for whether Jon and Kate Major are really “dating” or “banging” or whether she’s “delusional”… I seriously have no idea.

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