The Missing Day

During Paris Fashion Week, there were outfit gaps due to Tommy and I not running into each other and my half-show/half-appointment schedule. 

However, on day 5 outside Dries Van Noten, as I was rushing in because I was heinously late, the lovely Garance snapped this outfit.  I doth protested because this was my ’slummin’ it’ outfit, the outfit I was wearing to run errands and do appointments in. 

Still, despite the fact that I was going casual with a well-worn checked shirt and comfy wedges (courtesy of Acne…. wins the prize for MOST comfy height-giving shoes ever…), I had to still assert the fact that I’m a shiny black magpie, as in I’m the sort of magpie that will always be an eternal lover of shiny black. 

In this instance my Topshop PVC trews get an airing and despite the slum, I could not help but add a jewelled leather neckpiece.  Black sequins, jet, jewels/gems, vinyl/pvc/leather, if it’s black and it glints, I’m onto it.  Somehow, through a majority of my outfits, I manage to work some form of shiny black into it… me thinks a restraining order is needed soon.