Juvenile Delinquent – For The Asian Thug In You


Juvenile Delinquent is the name of the brand, and their namesake pretty much captures what they’re all about. Typically featuring dark denim with loud ‘Asian’ patterns embroidered on each of their garments, JD appeals to a certain segment of the Japanese market who have adopted and remixed the whole hip-hop/gangsta style.

Some of these jeans interest me greatly as pieces of art, and a few I might even consider owning, but sadly, a lot of what I see from Juvenile Delinquent are items that I just couldn’t pull off wearing on any given day.

Perhaps if I was a low-ranking yakuza solider with a deep tan, cornrows and a budding MMA career, I could walk out of my apartment feeling confident with the whole JD look. But as of now, I’d probably just come off as a bizarre fake gangster/confused foreigner mishmash that would shock and offend everyone around me. Then again, isn’t that often the goal of Japanese youth fashion?!

Author: Osaka Nines