CFW Fashion Countdown Fashionista of the Year

In Hollywood, looking good is a must. But to stand out and be remembered, it is not enough that you just look good, you have to be different!

And so for this matter, our next category for Celebrity Fashion Watch’s Fashion Countdown will feature celebrities who, in one way or another have made mark in the people’s memory for their unique and extraordinary looks through the year. Thus, this category will be called the Fashionista of the Year.

As the category’s name suggests, this does not just mean stars who always look good, classy, and glamorous; they are those stars who get a second or third look with their eye-catching fashion sense and style. – A real fashionista.

So who are our nominees?

Here they are: [ad#ads160x600right]

Sarah Jessica Parker

It’s sometimes quite difficult to draw a line between her character as Carrie Bradshaw and SJP herself when it comes to fashion. But one thing is for sure, the actress really stands out with her different and totally eye-catching looks.


Never an average dresser, Rihanna has always stood out with her (sometimes) eccentric looks and style. But somehow, no matter how ‘weird’ she ay already look, the singer seems to have always managed to pull it off.

Nicole Richie

Already a nominee for our Vavavoom Mom category, Nicole Richie makes it again on this category for her style that never gets unnoticed. Certainly, Harlow’s mom knows how to play and experiment with her looks without compromising her body structure.

Mischa Barton

Finally, our last nominee seems to have always taken everybody’s attention with her charming yet unique looks. Her charm and elegance is definitely an edge for pulling off her ‘unlikely’ looks.

Now, are you ready to choose the most fashionista of them all?