Coconut Oil Pulling for Celeb White Teeth

Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Make Oil Pulling Part Of Their Daily Routine

By / December 10, 2015

Coconut Oil Pulling for Celeb White TeethOil Pulling is now attracting attention from numerous sources, with many individuals becoming aware of this practice after it was featured on “The Doctors.” This popular show highlighted the benefits of using coconut oil as a mouthwash, as Coconut Oil Pulling benefits the gums by halting strep bacteria growth. As oral health has now been scientifically linked to overall health, individuals rushed to try this technique. Many were surprised to find that there are other benefits to using the oil for this purpose, and following are three reasons why any individual may want to try oil pulling today.

When a person swishes oil in his or her mouth, toxins and germs are removed from the mouth. These contaminants may enter the bloodstream and affect areas of the body other than the mouth. As a result of oil pulling, the appearance and health of the person’s skin improves in many cases. It doesn’t magically detoxify the entire body, but it does cleanse the mouth and help to boost the appearance of the skin from the inside out. Skin glows after the oil is used in this manner.

People who choose to try oil pulling often find their teeth appear brighter and less yellow. The coconut oil has organic anti-viral and antibiotic characteristics that work to whiten the teeth and clean them. With the use of the oil, individuals find their gum health improves, bad breath becomes less of an issue, and their smiles appear prettier in every way.The one drawback to oil pulling is the practice may lead to slight jaw fatigue, and individuals need to be prepared for this. Furthermore, the oil should not be swallowed, as it is pulling germs from the mouth. They need to be removed from the body rather than ingested.

Acne, skin rashes, and other types of blemishes become less problematic when an individual tries oil pulling. The oil removes toxins and bacteria from the body, and this means the body doesn’t have to work as hard to eliminate them. The minimizes the stress placed on the body, which can lead to a boost in the person’s energy level. Stress and skin problems have been linked in many studies, so any reduction of stress is beneficial, and individuals who turn to oil pulling find their bodies benefiting in a variety of ways. The oil removes toxins from the gut, and many experts believe this is where certain types of acne originate. The oil helps to balance the bacteria in the body and clear up skin blemishes along with other issues.

Many individuals turn to Minty Coco, a company offering the purest form of virgin coconut oil, and this oil has been combined with peppermint essence to provide a premium Oil Pulling experience. The oil comes from coconuts grown in Sri Lanka and is extracted using cold pressing methods, as this ensures all essential vitamins in the coconut are preserved. When consumers buy cheaper oil extracted with heat, the nutritional value of the oil is reduced. The products made by Minty Coco have no artificial ingredients and they are wheat, dairy and gluten free. If consumers have any questions, they may contact Minty Coco for assistance, as the company is prepared to help at all times.

Keep your fasion under control

Keeping Your Fashion Under Control May Be More Beneficial Than You’d Think

By / October 5, 2015

When people think of fashion, thoughts of glitz and glamour typically come to the head. Being flashy and visible in a sea of commoners is seen as the standard, and being fashionable requires unique and exciting clothing. Or, perhaps clothing of a particular style or brand, fitting into an obscure niche that truly differentiates the wearer. This is the standard for fashion in many places, and an established norm. But could it be wrong?

While these complex and unique clothes may be beauty in the fashion world, the fact of the matter is that the common man or woman has very different tastes. Most people actually prefer standard and bland clothing, albeit with a twist of some sort. Over-the-top and glamorous clothing is typically looked upon with disdain, and perhaps even disinterest. Artistic expression isn’t found in the common world, and displaying yours is, sadly, lost upon the masses. What’s a fashion fanatic to do?

Wearing typical, common clothing may be more advantageous than one would think. Wearing simple, yet stylish clothing lets you fit into the crowd, to some degree, and be looked on favorably by others. However, throwing in a simple addition of some sort, perhaps jewelry or another accessory, won’t detract from the simplicity and will let you shine brighter. Don’t go overboard, however, or else you may end up being just a bit too flashy.

This isn’t to say that you should fully reject individuality, just keep a grip on what others will find pleasing. If others aren’t a concern for you, then by all means, wear anything you wish! However, if you’re looking to make a good impression, or even to show off, it may be better to tone it down a bit, and keep your fashion at a moderate level.

Don’t take this post as our opinion though, we love to see style and great fashion. Expressing yourself is what it is all about. This is purely advice for when you are trying to make a good impression or when you want to consider the opinion of the masses. If you’re happy to be yourself and aren’t bothered by or affected by the opinions of others (at least those who don’t appreciate the glitz and glamour of your fashion style) then you may want to head some of this advice.…


Who’s Who In The Fashion World

By / August 24, 2015

In the world of fashion, trending is a way of life. Just like you want with your personal wardrobe, fashion brands wants to create that unique style that has its own personality. Whether you are on the hunt for the perfect frock or laid back casual wear, it never has to be boring. Finding edgy street style or classic elegance is only a click away.

Reigning as the first-ever community online of stylists, designers and heavy-hitters in the fashion world, is now the largest forum for all that is fashion. Providing unbelievable in-depth focus on beauty, fashion and lifestyle, this powerhouse site has an audience estimated at over 4.3 million each month. Trendsetters and beauty experts delight all with fashion forecasting, beauty tutorials and red carpet glam. Guest editors are featured monthly. With unsurpassed coverage of fashion weeks held in New York, Milan, London and Paris, fashion lovers get a peek into the newest collections of each season along with upcoming trends. Combined with street style and thought-provoking reviews, brings together the leaders in fashion all under one roof.

Fashionistas around the globe know that there are a few chosen sites that can bring you the latest fashion trends from New York to Milan. is a phenomenal platform for original styles and fashion go-getters. Catering to trend setters and all those who love fashion with their followers, here you will find a place where fashion is approachable with enviable style. Connecting with its readers, is up and coming in fashion branding on social media outlets.

For those who always want to get a running start on the upcoming seasons, there are plenty of top-of-the-line fashion websites to get your shop on:

Net-A-Porter. Here you can watch fashion being bought in real time. Pretty cool, huh? Combined with beauty tips, it is a must see.

Stylebop offers fashion for both men and women who need to be at the top of their fashion game combining classic pieces with a funky edge.

Les Nuovelles is an oh-so-chic site offering trendy and eclectic pieces. It is sure to please even the most discriminating diva.

Pixie Market, Zara and H&M better step up their game because there is a new girl in town. Offering trendy fashion at a budget price, this site is everyone’s best friend. Low-cost to free shipping makes this a win-win situation.

From the streets of New York to the runways of Paris, good fashion is always in fashion.…

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